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5 places to get business loan in Nigeria

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2017)

5 places to get business loan in Nigeria – Loan is a kind of financial obligation on the part of both the lender and the borrower. It is an engine of growth for Small and Medium Enterprises and it helps individuals as well in financing their lifestyle. There are so Many types of loan that exist in Nigeria which includes Quick Loan, Salary Advance, Mortgage, Overdraft, Term Loan, Auto Loan and so on. However, loan of any kind in general and business loan  can be gotten from any of the twenty places listed below:

  1. Cooperative societies

There are various cooperative societies in Nigeria where loans can be obtained in Nigeria. One major requirement for obtaining loans in any cooperative society is that applicant must be a registered member of the cooperative society. For further  information, visit any cooperative society within your vicinity.

   2. is an online avenue for obtaining grants and the beauty of this avenue is that such grants are not repaid.Several  people have benefited from this site, as such. Nigerians too should benefit by logging on to the site for further enquiries.

3. Nigerian Export – Import Bank (NEXIM)

NEXIM avail loans to exporters to enable them carry out their export business. Their loan products therefore include Direct Lending Facility, Export Credit Insurance Facility, Export Credit Guarantee Facility and so on. NEXIM’s website is

4. GTI Microfinance Bank

This Microfinance Bank is located at  No 127, Awolowo Way, Ikeja ,  Lagos Nigeria and it is a subsidiary of GTI Capital Limited. GTI MFB offers loans to individuals, Small Scale Enterprises and Corporate bodies and their tenor varies between 6 months & 48 months. One of the advantages of GTI is that as long as you are the bank’s customer, your loan application will be approved. To find out more about GTI’s loan dynamics, visit their office address.

5. Skye Bank Plc

As a mega bank, Skye banks avails loan facility to Nigerians (students inclusive). Visit for more details on Skye Bank’s loan requirements.

5 places to get business loan in Nigeria
 places to get business loan in Nigeria
5 places to get loan in Nigeria

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