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50 Small & Medium Scale Business Ideas in Nigeria

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2017)

Small & Medium Scale Business Ideas in Nigeria— This post is created for those people looking for Lucrative And Profitable businesses to start in Nigeria 2016, both small and medium scale businesses ideas . The business enumerated here is unarguably the best , profitable and lucrative businesses to start or do in Nigeria .

In order for someone to live that fancy , comfortable and luxurious life style, such person must engage in a business that will sure bring a reasonable income to the pocket of that person . For such dream to come to pass , that person must engage him or her self in a busniess activity , you can’t just sleep at night and expect to find some stacks of dollars in your sleeping room the next morning . My dear, you have to work for it ,make proper plans that can help you actualise such dream .

The greatest challenges bunch of persons face is not how to get the capital to start a business but the lack of good business ideas . There are many lucrative and profitable string of business idea to choose from but identifying these business ideas is the major problem people encounter .

This inefficiency has pose a huge threat on the success of many people ,they have the capital to start a business but knowing the right and profitable business to start is the major problem. It is also reasonable to have in mind that there are things to consider before starting a particular business ventures apart from knowing the right business to establish. Before going into any form of business , the entrepreneur must be aware of other important aspect to consider in order to achieve the organisational aims and objectives so to say.

Knowing the business idea is one major thing to consider but another thing to have in mind is who are the target market , the right raw material needed to take care of their needs and wants , closeness to raw material and many more . This article is created for the purpose of those persons searching for the best , lucrative and profitable business to start in Nigeria 2016 .

I have listed chains of lucative business ideas to help new investors choose their business choices from .

Profitable And Lucrative Business To Do in Nigeria 2016 | 50 Business Ideas Enumerated after the jump :

1. Investing in Internet Companies
2. Transport Business
3. Nursery and Primary School
4. Sales of Building Materials
5. Poultry Farming
6. Cassava Production
7. Rice Farming In Nigeria
8. Making of Fruit Juice
9. Oil and Gas Business
10. Pure Water Production
11. Fast Food Eatery
12. Hotel Business .
13. Haulage Services
15 Recharge Card Printing
16. Fast Food Eatery
17. Investing in Property
18. Importation of Tokunbo Spare Parts
19. Poultry Farming in Nigeria
20. Cassava Production
21. Snail Rearing in Nigeria
22. Furniture Business in Nigeria
23. Import Cloths, Shoes, Books
24. MC, DJ and event planning business.
25. Cake baking and decoration business
26. Cultivating vegetables
27. Reselling services on Fiverr
28. Domain and website flipping
29. Blogging , just like am doing right now
30. Internet based business ideas
31. Paint production
32. Liquid soap production business
33. Custard making
34. Sales and repair of PC and its accessories
35. Cooking Gas Sales
35. Exportation
36. Cleaning Service
37. Pet Breading
38. Bulk SMS Service
39. Wast Management Service
40.Art Gallery
41. Ice Cream Production
42. Event DJ
43. SEO Consultant
44. Fashion Stylist
45. Fashion Designer
46. House Painting
47. Car Rental Service
48. Video Game Arena
49. Travel Agency
50. Make Up Artiste

Guild To Follow : This ideas are here not just for you to jump on any one of them , make sure you choose the one that you have interest in and completely suit your life style . Choosing the one you know you don’t like just because it is listed here is the biggest mistake you could ever make in life . Please, also note that the first few months of starting your business won’t be very smooth as expected , therefore if you can skale through this few months of business trials and temptations then you might be able to succeed .


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