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Aliko Dangote Biography and Business Career

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2017)
 Aliko Dangote biography

Aliko Dangote biography

Aliko dangote is The most popular and richest man in Africa.HE was born into the family of Mariya Samusi Dantata on the 10th of of April 1957 in Kano state.he is a Nigerian multi-Billonian business man, born and raised up in Kano state where he was group up with his grandfather and siblings. Aliko Dangote
has three siblings Sani, Bello, and his younger brother who died in an air craft in in the year 1996.Aliko Dangote attend his primary and secondary education ;in Kano state before he went  ahead further in Alazar University in Cairo,in Egypt were he obtain degree in business administration.  perhaps, he was the first grandson of his grandfather.his initial career was to become a great business man which he is today.he was able to build up a successful business because he started a small scale.Acording to Aliko Dagote, he said i could remember vividly when i was in primary school,i would go and buy Cotton of sweet,sugar boxes and start selling just to make money. Aliko Dangote has passion for business right from his child wood. the prominit businees man(aliko dangote) is 58 years old.on the 9th of march 2011, forbes magazine declared Aliko Dangote the richest black man in african and the richest in africa with a net worth of $13.8 billion

Business Career

Aliko Dangote was working under his uncle, Sani Dangote after he returned from Egypt in 1977 where he founded interest, skills and buiding his confidence,he got a loan of #500,000 ($3,500)  from his uncle to start up his own business.he was given a deadline of three years to repay the loan he took from his uncle But luckly for him he was able to pay in three month. Aliko Dangote also got a great deal of informal education from his grandfather, which he make use of today.He said “all my business acumen and instincts i inherited from my maternal grandfather as his his grandson, he poured his business wizard into me. i would not have been where i am today if not for him. he is a greatman indeed hardworking loving and caring”. there after,Aliko Dangote started his business by trading on commodities such as sugar, rice, salt, millet,vegetable oil coca and textile. after gaining a strong hold on the commodities market,Aliko Dangote invested into manufacturing and producing the same commodities he was importing. his company(Dangote group)controls over 13th other companies which  most of them acquire through strategic margers and acquisitions. he said,” i built a conglomerate and emerge the richest black man in the world in 2008 but it did not happen overnight.It took me thirty years to get to where i am today.Youth of today aspire to be like me but they want to achieve it does not work that way.To build a sucessful business, you must start small and dream big.In the journey of entrepreneurship tenacity of purpose is supreme. Aliko Dangote was honord by Nigerian government with the  Award of the other of Niger (Acon) on 14th of November 2011 and also the second highest honored in Nigerian which was presented by the formal president of Nigeria (Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan). Aliko Dagote group of company was establish in 1977. the Dangote group of company operate in several locations in Africa countries of Zambia, Benin republic, Togo, south Africa, Ghana, Cameroon, and the headquarter in Nigerian Dangote is among the top employers in west Africa,with a total workforce of about 11,000 workers.In November 2014, the net worth at 824.6 billion dollars an he his rated as the 23rd richest man in the world.

 Family history

Aliko Dangote was having issues of divorce in the his life.But it seems to be a man of heartbreak, because his calming faces loving and caring and it never look like some one who has passed a heartbreak in his life.Aliko Dangete has four children (4)children.Zainab Dangote,Halima Dangote,Fatima Dangote,Salma Dangote.

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