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List of Airtel Data Bundle Plans, Prices And Subcription Code

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2017)

Airtel Data Dundle List of Airtel data bundle plans– Am here to direct you on how you can absolutely   subscribe for airtel data bundle. This tutorial is meant for those using  smart phone  or u need the best plan to use on your PC or tab,all we needed from you is to kindly pick from these affordable data plan from Aitel.

you can also get Airtel android data bundle  and airtel blackberry plans that can be affordale

Airtel data bundle plan
plan =daily| Data Allawance=20MB |Retail price= N 100| Validity= 1 day|  Subscription Code=*410#

Plan=-Weekly |Data Allowance=50MB| Retail Price=N300| Validity Period=7 days| Subscription= Code *417#

Plan=Monthly| Data Allowance=500MB| Price N1,000| Validity=30days| Subscription Code=*420#

Plan for Smart1| Data Allowance= 1.5GB| Retail Price=2,000| Validity 30  days| Subscription Code= *423*

Plan=Smat2| Data Alowance =2GB| Price= N3,000| Validity 30 days| Subscription Code=*451#

Plan=Smart4| Data Allowance =4GB| Price= N5,000 Validity 30 days Subscription Code*451#

Plan= Smart8 |Data Allowance=4GB Price =N5,000| Validity 30 days| Subscription Code= *452#

Plan=Smart10| Data Allowance=10GB| Price =N10,000 | Validity  30 days Subscription code=*471#

Plan=Smart15 |Data Allowance=15GB| Price= N15,000| Validity 30 days| Subscription code= *462#

Plan=Smart20 Data Allowance= 20GB| Price=18,000 Validity 30 days Subscription Code*463#

Listed bellow are the airtel bundle only for android but you can also use it on smartphones-Apple,BB,Lumia, Nokia etc

Plan=Android 1| Data Allowance=2GB| Price= N2,000| Validity= 30 days|  subscription code= *437#

plane=Andriod11| Data Allowance =4.5GB Price 3,500 Validity 30 days Subscription Code =*438#
Listed bellow are for Airtel social plans

Social Bundle= Weekly| Data Allowance =30MB| Price= N100| Validity =7 days| Subscription Code=*991#

Social Bundle= monthly |Data Allowance=    80MB| Price N200 |Validity 30 days Subscription Code *990#

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