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Shiloh 2016 Update – You Can Watch Shiloh 2016 from the Shiloh Ground.

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2017)


Shiloh 2016Shiloh 2016 – We the has decided to give you guys  some update that has been happening concerning  shiloh,though this year 2016 Shiloh have not started officially

We also heard that so many person still do not know  what Shiloh 2016 is all about, and we are not surprise about that.Please i would love those who  still do not know  what Shiloh 22016 is all about  to be patience and  read through this article. Am still very  much convince that the impact of Shiloh 2015 is still very much ongoing

I know that, it may interest you to know that the Shiloh programme is annually or rather you can see it   as a yearly programme hosted by Bishop Oyedepo of the Winners Chapel of Living Faith Church. As it were knowledge have revile to  us that Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo is the Presiding Bishop of Living faith Church Also the General Overseer. Every year, this life transforming programme tagged Shiloh is held at Canaanland, Ota.

Please note that, Testimonies will be talking  from those who where present at Shiloh 2015. AND don’t forget that this publication is all about  shiloh 2016.

‘ Shiloh indeed from glory to glory  is a place were God has actually placed me . I could still remember vividly  that, Papa  preached about having faith and serving God.  Which i so much  believe That,  is our portion for this year 2016. Matthew 6:33. My people of this world, it is very much important that let us seek first the kingdom of God everything shall be added to us.for the lord God  knows our   prayer this year is to go to Shiloh  physically. God is changing level for for every one of us

As papa have declared that This year the lord by Himself will make us enjoy an unusual manifestation of unlimited glory to glory as it is declared in the name of Jesus amen.

shiloh 2016 from glory to glory
shiloh 2015 winners chapel
shiloh 2016 theme: heaven on earth
shiloh 2016 theme has been released
shiloh 2016 date

 So many question have coming from different corner, when is Shiloh 2016 date?
 Some person are so  much inquisitive to know when Shiloh 2016 will commence. Well, am very sorry to inform every one out there that, i can not  tell you the  date. shiloh 2016 theme, Shiloh 2016 date is announced by Bishop Oyedpo, will be connecting you live from here and all you need do visite the links below.

David Oyedepo Ministries International –

Shiloh 2016 Morning Session –  I would advise to  take note and be conscious of the exact time when the Morning session of Shiloh 2016 is broadcast . Note that it usually starts as at 7am and 11am. This session usually contain a series of 3 Teachings of the Bible.

Shiloh 2016 Healing School –  You are to note that, this particular session normally starts by 11:30am to 1:30pm daily just immediately after the morning session has ended. It is done right inside Canaanland.  For those who are experiencing one form or the other or you have anyone who is suffering from sicknesses and disease that the doctors must have said that there’s no remedy, you are advise to come to this session and a touch from God will heal all diseases.

Shiloh 2016 Business Summit – Those who are into different kinds of Business and  believing God  for a financial breakthrough and freedom.Then this session is totally for you and   you should make yourself available during this session. The time for this  session is 11.30am to 1.30pm daily

Shiloh 2016 Youth Alive Forum – Youths between the age 18 and above are expected to attend this particular session. The Youth Alive forum session as it where starts off by 3pm and ends by 5pm daily. All Issues which pertains youths will be discussed here e.g. love and relationship matters, dating, preparation for marriage, godliness, prevent/use of drugs etc.

Shiloh 2016 Evening Session – This evening session starts by 7pm and runs till 10pm. And this session, Bishop David Oyedepo himself will be ministering all through.

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