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Steps on How to set up a Sachet and Bottle Water Business in Nigeria

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2017)

Steps on How to set up a Sachet and Bottle Water Business in Nigeria – Sachet and bottle water business is  one of the few businesses in Nigeria that is really Trending and rewarding. Business is like a building if is not build on solid plan then the business is bound to crumble in no time. No matter how lucrative a business can be there is always ups and down in running business. On this note i have compiled a step by step guide on how to set up a sachet and bottle water in Nigeria.


Tips on How To Setup Sachet and Bottle Water Production in Nigeria

Every good business is not that very easy to startup especially when there is no substantial capital.

Basic Production Things to get in place

1. Get a good Brand name for your Product and Register It – These step goes beyond just getting any name for your product or company as many company of this nature as failed just as a result of the brand name they pick for their product. So getting a good Brand name and logo for your product can have a huge impact on your business success.

2. Factory or Production Building – This can be a building of your own or rented property but ensure that the Factory environment is clean as people will judge what is coming out of your company base on what they see outside. A dirty environment will portray bad reputation for the company.

3. Water borehole – The most viable water source for this type of business is a bore hole system as it better than the traditional well. Ensure this borehole is situated within your production. This is a vital step that cant be neglected.

4. Overhead Tanks – You will definitely need more than 4 of this as it will serves as reservoir to supply water to the distillation system and for other use within factory or production building.

5. Distillation System – Depending on your start-up Buisenss capital, you can either go for a micro filters and cup filters or a more complex distillation system. You can as well use Purification process known as Ultra Violet sterilization bulbs.

5. NAFDAC Approval – NAFDAC Is the agency in charge of approving all consumable foods and drugs related products in Nigeria, you need to get your product approved as you will need to include the approved Nafdac registration number on the sachet and bottle of your water.

6. Automatic Sealing and Bottling Machine – Automatic sealing machine can be purchased within the range of N650, 000 to 1 Million Naira. Though, the price varies with the Machine manufacturer and the numbers of sachet it can seal per minute.

7. Staffing – Depending on what you have in your feasibility plan, You will need to hire people who will work in your factory, for a start you can start with 8 to 10 people then increase the labor force with time.

8. Distribution Van or Buses – The best option is getting a truck that won’t be developing fault all the time which in turn might leads to alot of  disappointment, recently I’ve seen lot of sachet water company losing their customers due to failure to deliver goods in good time

9. Power Generating Set – With the situation of power supply Today in Nigeria, you will need an alternative power source/supply which can either be a standby power generating set, an inverter or solar inverter depending on your budget and preference.

Although this might not include all that is  needed to start the business but definitely this will serve as an eye opener to the things you will need to make provision for while planning for the business. A minimum startup for this business is about 11 million naira looking at the current inflation rate in the current and the dollar to naira exchange rate.

If this type of business is done in a good market location and a good packaging coupled with a nice marketing strategist, you can be sure that the Return on Investment (ROI) will be great.



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