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 www.waphan.comwww.waphan.com Download Games, Music, Videos, Apps – I could still remember vividly that i have writing an article on www.waptrick.com Download and we got a good response on waphan. We   are all aware that the deference between waptrick.com and waphan.com are few but it just one site for easy download.

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www.waphan.com has recently been taking the spot of waptric search on the google the reason behind this, am still trying to figure out why waptrick was changed to waphan.But am quiet sure the guys at adkins waptrick knows the best reason why they had to change from waptrick to waphan. according.com,www.waphan was created on the 22nd of September 2015

Here are some guick tips about the new waptric site which is www.waphan.com 

01. Waphan.com is actually the new front end for waptrick like we said early and it come with all previous applications like music download and more

02. If you start using the new front end for waptrick, you will actually notice that the new waphan platform is better speed and faster loading time unlike the waptrick.

03. Not just only that, but waphan still comes with the very same feature which in technical term called a mirror site

04. one thing i so much  like about this site is that, the change do not affect the url; once you type waptrick on your browser, it will automatically redirect you to waphan.com home page www.waphan.com

Note that: Waphan application category includes all kinds of apps for all phone models like android app,widows app and BlackBerry app and if wish to download any operating system.Just visit the  site and carefully select the application category and download from www.waphan.com

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